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Hard Wax Oil,

Aftercare & Maintenance

By Heidi

What are Hard Wax Oils??

Hard Wax Oils are a blend of natural oils and waxes which are designed to protect internal timber surfaces. The wax content keeps the oil suspended in the surface of the wood for longer. Unlike film coatings, the pores of the timber are filled, and the timber pores are ‘saturated’ which will allow no room for anything else.

A timber surface that is treated with Hard Wax Oil is resistant to water and dirt because of the saturation. The wax component forms a hard layer, and this layer gets harder over the years meaning maintenance is required less frequently.  In contrast to other finishes such as polyurethane or lacquers, timber surfaces that are finished with Hard Wax Oil can breathe freely and the coat of wax remains elastic so it will not crack, peel, flake, or blister.

And a few very frequently asked questions…

QHow long until Hard Wax Oil is fully cured?

A Fiddes Hard Wax Oil is fully cured after 7 days.

QHow many coats of Hard Wax Oil do I need?

A – Under normal circumstances 2 thin coats is all that is required. Anything more than this will result in over application and the coating will be weaker not stronger.

Q – How do I apply Hard Wax Oil?

A – For floors, the preferred method is with a microfibre short nap roller and a paint tray. Do not use sponge, mohair or lambswool rollers or speed brushes as these hold too much oil and over application will occur. For furniture apply using a good quality bristle brush, microfibre roller or lint free cloth. *Note the additional application instructions for Tinted Hard Wax Oil.

Q – How long does Fiddes Hard Wax Oil take to dry?

A – 4 – 6 hours in ideal conditions. Ventilation will also speed up the drying process.

Q – Can I spot repair a Hard Wax Oil coating?

A – Yes! Our Hard Wax Oil is extremely easy to spot repair. Mask around the scratched boards with painters’ tape, lightly sand with a fine paper and apply a coat of Hard Wax Oil. In fact, we have a video on our YouTube Channel demonstrating this! Click here to watch.

Hard Wax Oil After Care 

Ongoing maintenance will depend on how the surface is treated so to extend the life of your coating it is important to care for it correctly. Good care and maintenance are the key to keeping your surfaces looking amazing and it is essential to use the correct cleaning products. It is a myth that ingredients such as eucalyptus, citrus etc are good for cleaning timber. They will in fact help with weakening the coating and reduce the durability and sheen. So please do not use any citrus, eucalyptus, ammonia or caustic based cleaners on your beautifully finished surfaces and floors.

Fiddes Cleaning products are a non-abrasive, rinse free formulation that require no rinsing and will dry smear free.

Our Wood Surface Cleaner is ideal for furniture and joinery. Simply spray on lightly and evenly, then wipe off with a lint free cloth. Easy! For timber flooring our Wood Floor Cleaner is the way to go. This is a concentrated 1L size which will maintain the surface and keep your flooring looking just lovely! Dilute 2 capfuls into 4 litres of water and mop those floors. You can add the mix to spray mops or why not ‘make a batch’ so it’s ready to go!


Tips to keep your floors looking great!

• Ensure you remove any grit or dust by using an electrostatic dust mop.

• If vacuuming, make sure the vacuum head has a soft bristle to avoid scratching the coating.

• Mop the floor, preferably with a microfibre spray mop using minimal water on the floor. Alternatively, wring the mop very well if using a traditional style mop. Avoid oversaturating.

• Use the recommended floor cleaner to ensure longevity of coating.

• The use of felt/cork floor protectors on furniture will assist with avoiding scratches. Plastic can scratch the surface so please avoid using plastic type floor protection. Chairs and stools are the biggest culprit so make sure that they have adequate protection. View our full range of floor protection on our website.

• Place mats at door entrances, wipe off shoes/feet before entering. Often little bits of dirt, sand, stones can get caught in shoes and sneakers so keeping an eye on this will help.


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