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“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” Benjamin Franklin”

And he wasn’t wrong! Just as you would wash the veggies before cooking, or study for an exam, preparation is the key to acheiving the best possible results for whatever it is you are doing. The same goes for timber decking! Whether it’s a new or existing timber deck, a little prep work prior to coating will ensure that the job is done right!

What are tannins??

Hardwood decking has tannins that are natural properties of the timber itself and are stored within the grain of the timber.

When water or moisture spreads through the timber it will bring these tannins back to the surface causing dark, brownish stains. It is vital to clean timber decking before applying any coating to ensure the tannins are removed. Note that the only real way to effectively remove the tannins is to “weather” the timber for approximately 4-6 weeks prior to washing/cleaning the deck using Fiddes Oxalic Acid Crystals.

How do I clean my deck??

Fiddes Oxalic Acid Crystals is a concentrated, heavy-duty cleaner which is effective in removing light stains and blemishes from timber. Simply dissolve in 100ml to 1 litre of hot water and using a hard scrubbing brush, wash the timber decking. Leave for approximately 15 mins and rinse off thoroughly with a high pressure hose, making sure to remove all traces of the solution. Allow to completely dry.

For new timber, then apply 3 coats of Fiddes Universal Decking Oil with a roller or Fiddes Floor Brush. With its durable hardwood construction and natural horsehair, it will assist with acheiving optimum results getting right into the gaps which are often missed when using an applicator pad or roller. For existing and previously coated decking, follow the cleaning process mentioned above, although the timber may require some sanding prior to applying 1-2 coats of decking oil.

Click here to watch our application video!

Did you know ?????

Oil based decking oils have been around for a very long time. This is because they penetrate very well. the operative word being PENETRATE. They go deep into the timber keeping it hydrated and lubricated versus coated in layers on top providing excellent protection from the inside out. Oil based decking oils also have far less chance of peeling, provide an even finish with less chance of lap marks and are so easy to use, requiring hardly any effort.

Fiddes Universal Decking Oil does all of that and more. It is a water repelling, penetrating oil that can be used on all external timber formulated to PRESERVE, PROTECT, & RESTORE. It has excellent beading, prevents splitting and surface growth of algae and has a high resistance to wear, therefore being the perfect choice for your timber deck. It is available in Clear and 3 colour shades that contain UV filters which will resist colour fading and allow the natural beauty of your timber to shine through.

Show your timber decking the love and respect it deserves…….

because if it’s important to you, it’s important to Fiddes.

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