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StopLoss Bags – 4 Pack



Stoploss Bags are formulated to preserve and extend the life of your woodworking finishes.Simply transfer your product into a StopLoss Bag, seal, store and forget! No more thickened or skinned over finishes caused by evaporation and oxidation. Tests consistently show over 99% preservation even after two year’s storage.

* Simple to use
* Environmentally friendly – No wastage or disposal of spoilt finishes
* Re-usable bags, suitable for storage of Oil, Water & Alcohol based finishes

Other products in the StopLoss Range include: Collapsible Funnel, Filler & Adjuster Tube Set and Extra Caps.

Key Features

Key benefits of StopLoss Bags:

  • Formulated to preserve Oil, Water & Alcohol based woodworking finishes
  • Internationally recognised
  • Patented, greatly helps to retain the solids to solvent ratio of fresh varnish
  • More consistent results (no more lap marks because of thickened varnish)
  • Easy to open, easy to close. No more prying lids off or pounding them back on
  • Dispense only what is needed for your project
  • Unsurpassed in retaining finish quality after opening. Tests consistently show over 99% preservation even after two year’s storage
  • Environmentally friendly – No more skinned over cans or disposal of spoiled finishes
  • Easily remix/stir finishes by rotating (clear bag wall lets you see when you’re done)
  • Use virtually all of the finish, reducing wastage and saving you $$
  • Inexpensive, re-usable and they really work!!


Filling the bag:

Before filling the bag write the type of finish and the date in magic marker on the information area on the front of the bag. Any changes can be made by wiping away with alcohol.

Transfer of the finish can be done with either the Filler & Adaptor Tube Set (when using your own funnel) or the StopLoss Bags Collapsible Funnel. Use of the Filler Clip accessory will assist with ease of filling.

Filling using the StopLoss Collapsible Funnel, allows easy one-step transfer from a litre can to a StopLoss Bag. It stretches over the top of the can while the small end fits the StopLoss Bag. It is important to blow air into the bag before attaching to the funnel to allow the full transfer of finish. The funnel is easy to clean by simply placing upside down on paper towel overnight and then peeling the dried varnish from the inside.

Filling using the Filler & Adapter Tube Set, begin by fitting the longer grey coloured filler tube over the end of the bag’s spout (it’s a snug fit) for attaching to small funnels. The flexible red adapter tube fits snugly over the filler tube to allow using a wide range of larger funnels.

Once the bag has been filled, remove any air and seal with the cap provided.

Using the stored product:

Dispense the amount required for your project into a secondary container to avoid contamination of remaining finish. Before resealing the StopLoss Bag, wipe the thread on the bag and inside of the cap to remove any residue, remembering to expel any air before replacing the cap.

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