Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for Fiddes Hard Wax Oil to dry?

4 hours in ideal conditions . Air movement after application will quicken the process. A closed up house will slow the drying time considerably.

How do I clean my floor/cabinetry?

Fiddes Surface Cleaner and Fiddes Surface Spray are compatible for use with all of our coatings. Refer to our Floor Care PDF in the Downloads section.

How long does the final coat take to cure?

All of our coatings will be fully cured in 7 days.

How durable is Hard Wax Oil?

Hard Wax Oil is just as durable as our Water Based Polyurethane however it has the advantage of being replenishable.

What coatings can go over the top of the Fiddes Stains?

All Fiddes coatings are compatible with our full range of Fiddes stains.

Do I have to cut the floor back between coats?

De-nibbing is recommended for a smoother finish however it doesn’t need to be mechanically bonded between coats.

How many coats of Hard Wax Oil do I need?

Under normal circumstances 2 thin coats is all that is required. Anything more then this will result in over application and the coating will be weaker not stronger.

How do I apply Clear Hard Wax Oil?

For floors the preferred method is with a microfibre short nap roller and a paint tray. Do not use sponge, mohair or lambswool rollers or speed brushes as these hold too much oil and over application will occur. For furniture apply using a good quality bristle brush, microfibre roller or lint free cloth. You can also view application videos on our You Tube Channel and Facebook page. Please search Fiddes Australia.

Can I mechanically buff in the CLEAR Hard Wax Oil?


How do I apply the TINTED Hard Wax Oil?

The Tinted Hard Wax Oil can achieve very different looks depending on application and timber species. Refer to the application instructions or contact us via the Contact Us page to discuss options. You can also visit our You Tube channel or Facebook page for application videos.

Which sandpaper grit should I use to prepare my timber?

120 grit is recommended for most substrates. Do not oversand your timber as it will close the grain and stop the oil from penetrating. Refer to Application Instructions in the Downloads section of our website for more information.

When can furniture be placed on the floor?

Furniture can be placed back once the floor is dry. Do not drag furniture across the floor – lift into position. Do not replace rugs, apply cardboard or carpet as protection until fully cured after 7 days.

How long until I can wash my floor and how frequently?

Preferably wait 3 weeks before washing your floor. Spot wipe any spills with a damp cloth until then. We recommend the use of Fiddes Surface cleaner. Please refer to the Floor Care PDF in Downloads for more information on caring for your floor.

Should I put a mat down in my kitchen or entrances?

Preferably not as they can act as an abrasive. Mats at external entrances are recommended prior to entering the house.

How do I stop scratching occurring from dining chairs/movable furniture?

Adequate protection on the bottom of chairs and other furniture can assist in preventing scratching. Felt or cork is recommended over plastic as they can cause scratching.

How can I tell if my floor needs recoating?

High traffic areas will tend to wear first. Typical signs are feeling dry when damp mopping or appear to look dull. If you have a solvent or waterbased polyurethane coating your floor will require a full sand and recoat. If you have a Hard Wax Oil coating the individual areas can be replenished without requiring sanding (please note if re-coat is left too long sanding may be required).

How do I prevent scratching on surfaces from pets?

Have their nails trimmed regularly and discourage excitable play. Unfortunately all types of coatings will scratch from pet nails especially dogs.

I’m a DIY’er and want to stain and/or coat my floor myself. How do I decide which products to use?

Refer to the PDF in the Downloads section of our Website for coating comparisons. Application videos are available on our You Tube Channel and Facebook Page. Please search Fiddes Australia.

I’m not sure if I want a clear coat or if I want to stain my floor first. How can I decide what colour to choose?

Visit the Inspirations page on our website or visit our Instagram or Facebook pages for ideas. Note that stains will have a different look with different timber species. Once you have decided on the look you want to achieve you can contact us for more advice on which products in the Fiddes range can help you achieve this.

What if I have reclaimed timber or a contaminated surface?

Fiddes offers a sealer called Barrier Seal to use prior to coating. This is suitable under all of our coating systems and is designed to be used over reclaimed or contaminated timber.

Do you have an Exterior Oil?

Yes we have Fiddes Outdoor Furniture Oil & Fiddes UV Exterior Oil which is clear and in a satin finish. Contact your local stockist or view the product on our website for more information. Please note, a wood preserver is recommended if you want to prevent the timber from greying off.


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